"New Mexico Pastoral" egg tempera, 2015-19, 18 1/2" x 22"  SUL (P.O.R. call gallery)

The Rio Ruidoso runs through the ranch, and creates a lush environment, so treasured and rare in our arid state. This was my Sherwood Forest, the landscape around Camelot, or the Frontier West- riding my horse with a lance and shield, or running through here as Robin Hood- whatever direction my imagination would wander...
The river below La Mancha has moved to the north in recent years, and the rocky spit I stood on when I started this painting four years ago has filled in with earth. When I was a young boy the river ran right up against the bank on the right, and there was no spit at all. I have revisited the painting several times, and think it is finally done. I have formalized the view somewhat, eliminating fences, etc.

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