Peter de La Fuente


There is no mistaking the greatness associated with the  names of Wyeth and Hurd in the world of  American art. Now a fourth generation of artistic excellence has emerged from these two loved and admired families,  Peter de La Fuente, a master of  watercolor and egg tempera painting.  As the grandson of Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd,and great nephew of Andrew Wyeth, Peter has a unique story that will be treasured by art lovers everywhere.  Here we learn of the influences of N.C. Wyeth and Peter's memories of growing up on his grandparents' ranch. Also we are treated to a special conversation with his "great uncle Andy."  With inspirations like these it is no wonder Peter creates art  to express his emotions and to share his vision of the world around him.  52 minutes

Produced by Chip Taylor, 52 min
Writer: Sara Caldwell   Narrator: Quinn Mathews    Editor: Rusty Winters

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