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"Afternoon Flight" egg tempera on panel, 2023,  24"x32 1/2"

"Afternoon Flight" (detail)

The surface of an egg tempera is alive! It changes almost hourly in the natural light of a north window. It looks different in the morning than evening, cloudy days bring out warmth, and so on. That is one reason I never offer my egg tempera paintings to museums, where they become trapped in hard, cold light. The raven appeared one afternoon, with a quiet rustle of feathers. I rarely put animals in my paintings, because they tend to look "stuck in", unless they are actually in the composition or nearby. I resisted, but after blocking in the raven shape, I heard a chorus of ravens outside, and took
that as a good omen. I try to let God, or something bigger than me come through me. I am finding that somehow the less I consciously have to do with my painting, the better it is! My childhood paradise, I feel particularly good about this nine month long artistic journey, and I want this painting to end up in the home of some American patriot. I have never tried to narrow the field of potential buyers before, but this painting needs an environment that loves freedom. In the meantime, I am confident that the egg yolk and pigment I smeared on a board is a safer investment than deposits in any bank! Check your bonds lately? Art is a classic hedge for uncertain times.We also have nice signed reproductions available to everyone.


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