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"Aserrador con Nieve" egg tempera, 2017  17 1/2" x 22"  SLR: "P. de La Fuente"  p.o.r. (call gallery)

Translation: "Sawmill with Snow". This is one of several small sawmills on the mesa. They were active during the 1930-40's, and the evidence of their labor is the clearings that were clear-cut throughout Glorieta mesa. The clear cutting has left patterns in distant views that are interesting to me in a selfish, painterly sense.
While I was working on the original watercolor version of this, standing in the sunlit snow, a wolf emerged from the arroyo, and trotted on its way into the trees, with little acknowledgment of me and my easel. I thought of putting a wolf in the painting, but decided it would look too contrived. I am left with a flash of memory.

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