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"Cabin at Big Lake" egg tempera, 2017,  9" x 15"  S. VERSO: "Peter de La Fuente" (p.o.r. call gallery)

This tiny cabin was occupied by a dry-farmer/rancher sometime during the first half of the last century.  The winters are harsh, the winds unrelenting here on the high plains near Big Lake. I visited this place often during my daily runs on the ranch.  To me it reflects man's frail, vulnerable existence at the mercy of the elements. I should mention that the Big Lake nearby is bone dry. It temporarily holds a little water during the rainy seasons, but in general, water in this area is scarce.  Cisterns are often present at these sites. Water was brought in by wagon, later by truck.  A soterano- (local term for root cellar)- was usually dug in nearby.

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